Comda News

21/2/2008 Comda wins Maccabi Health Services patient biometric authentication tender

The project’s objective is to authenticate patients using biometric methods. It is one of the biggest biometric authentication projects implemented in Israel.

21/2/2008 Comda and its subsidiary ComSign establish an electronic signing system for Cellcom invoices to customers.

With ComSign’s assistance, Comda has won Cellcom’s tender to sign all invoices sent by email to its customers with an authorized electronic signature. In this way, Cellcom has joined Pelephone and Orange by improving customer service and minimizing damage to the environment.

1/1/2008 Comda establishes an OTP-based smart authentication system for Bank Discount customers

Bank Discount is currently launching a safe authentication system for its customers who prefer to make use of the bank’s website in order to receive information and transfer money.

Comda implemented the project over a period of 6 months and completed it on time. The forecast is that all of the bank’s customer will move over to using OTP-based tokens.