Comda Solutions

Comda specialized in developing and assimilating different solutions for a wide range of challenges faced today by every organization in the information safety and authentication fields.

The varieties of solutions offered by Comda are as follows:

Access Control

Management Systems

A comprehensive solution, which allows full integration between information security products from different manufacturers in one system, providing a complete real-time picture of the organizational information security.


PKI allows users in an open network that is not protected to protect and exchange information privately and securely while using information encryption by a pair of encryption keys – private and public.

Signing System

ComSign Trust system is a combined development of Comda and its subsidiary ComSign.

This system is built on the basis of the PKI infrastructure, is designated to electronically sending files signed by authorized electronic signature, as well as signing an organization’s existing files and storing them in secure electronic archives.

Network Protection

Due to the continued presence of internet worms, viruses, phishing and other sources threatening networks and computers, network protection is consistently ranked the number concern one among business owners – also those operating simple networks.

With our help, you can neutralize most of the threats and thus save the fear of penetrating the organization.


Protecting an enterprises’ property in the advanced digital world has become a great challenge to all information protection experts and organization technological managers. In order to meet the challenge and protect the information, data users should be allowed to perform their work routinely as much as possible. Based on its extensive experience, Comda offers a large number of solutions in the information encryption and communication fields which will streamline and protect your work routine.

The company’s solutions come from the workshops of the world’s top enterprises, all of which lead in their field.

As has been proved over the last 23 years, Comda can provide organizations with comprehensive solutions, from the physical access control stage, controlling network access, network protection, consultation in PKI assimilation technologies and organizational network activities monitoring.