Access Control systems

Today, any organization that respects itself controls access of its users using physical and logical means. The most simple control methods are imposing a username and password for logical access to the organizational network. However, using a username and password is not safe enough, and leaves the organization vulnerable to destructive penetration attempts and information stealing.

Comda offers many solutions that can protect and ensure the completeness of the organizational information by assimilating access control, while using technologies and PKI infrastructures, biometric or integrated

Assimilating a PKI infrastructure in order to control access allows using two factor authentication:
 something which you have (token, smart card).
 something you know (password).

Assimilating a biometric infrastructure allows adding another means, i.e. biometric, to the other two – something which is you. The biometric component in the authentication procedure adds an element which cannot be forged because, as opposed to a smart card or password, the biometric component is unique and cannot be transferred to another user. In most cases, it refers to fingerprint or iris patterns.

Using Match On Card (MOC) technological assimilation allows saving the biometric patterns in the smart card mechanism and in this way integrating the biometric method with PKI.

Comda has extensive experience in assimilating these solutions among many customers in Israel, whether assimilating off-the-shelf products or developing and tailoring them to the characteristics of the customer’s requirements, and integrating systems in the organization.


  • Vasco

    Multi OTP authentication devices

  • RSA

    SecurID – advanced access control system from RSA Security.

  • Gemalto

    Flexible OTP solution by Gemalto

  • SafeNet

    Highly secure one-time passwords by SafeNet.

ID & Signature Components