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Gemalto is the world leader today in the smart card field and the solutions surrounding them, with a market share of over 41%. Gemalto is the only enterprise devoted entirely to smart card technology, with the largest and most experienced development team in the world in this field.

GemPC 400

Smart card reader with a standard PCMCIA connection. The card reader is light and shows excellent performance in access to information systems.

GemPC 433

Smart card reader with a USB connection. This is the ultimate reader for access to workstations and is very convenient to use and install, without the need for technical knowledge. Today, the reader is used for many e-commerce and e-banking applications.

GemPC 413

Smart card reader with a serial connection. It meets all Microsoft WHQL as well as standard EMV requirements

GemEasyAccess 608

Contactless smart card reader designated mainly for physical access. The card reader withstands external environmental conditions and can also be installed in open places. Information on smart cards can be written and changed from the reader.

GemPC Touch 440/430

Combined smart card and fingerprint reader for user authentication by fingerprint using a smart card. Available with USB or Parallel interface.

Twin GemPC

A Gemalto patent for one reader with two interfaces. An inventory management solution in large organizations by installing one reader that can be connected to a cable, which can be connected to different interfaces.