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Gemalto – Pro 64k GemXpresso

The most advanced, fastest and safest Java card in the world. Based on cutting-edge new generation Infineon processors. FIPS 140-1 Level 2 and EAL 5 + Common Criteria valildated.

Gemalto – Key GemPC

USB Token sized reader, which combines the advantages of a keyring without the need to install a permanent reader and the advantages of using standard smart cards which can be changed if required.

Gemalto – Protiva SA .NET Key

Smart card based on Gemalto’s USB that offers a wide range of authentication options. This card applies the support in NET smart cards technology. The card also supports creating an OTP and completing it automatically in a login window to the domain when it is connected.

Gemalto – Protiva SA .NET Dual

A combination card, which allows PKI abilities while using NET technology and fully supports Windows operating systems, ILM management systems, as well as ITP technology by using the OATH standard. The OTP values are read from the screen or entered into an application automatically when the token is connected to a computer.

Aladdin – eToken PRO

Smart card in USB form from Aladdin that supports various PKI applications and operating systems: Windows, Linux, Macintosh. The token is easy to assimilate and manage with the help of Aladdin’s token management system (TMS).

Upek – Eikon To Go

A new biometric reader from Upek, which was launched recently and allows organizations to incorporate increased and user-friendly protection in the fingerprint biometric authentication procedure, while assimilating a RSA SecurID solution into the component. The Eikon To Go is a mobile USB component that allows remote users to slide their finger in the reader and receive protected access to the enterprise’s resources while making transparent use of RSA’s authentication service. The reader allows using the biometric technology which is assimilated in millions of laptops with the help of a user-friendly USB component.

Gemalto – Net Card

The Gemalto NET card is the first to assimilate NET technology in smart cards. In this way, two strong authentication methods – PKI and OTP – can be assimilated. The card allows developers to integrate solutions around the technology and in this way tailor the solution to their requirements, while interfacing completely to a Windows environment.

RSA – SID800

The new token from RSA, SID800 is a component combining the proven RSA SecurID technology together with a smart card based on Sun Java technology in USB form. The only authentication component designed to create an OTP based on time, which also supports PKI authentication abilities such as digital signature, file encryption and password storage any time and anywhere, making the SID800 the ideal choice for various organizational environments and authentication requirements.

Gemalto – SDC

SDC (secure digital companion) component is an integrated system that protects files, documents and network access passwords, which are registered on an internal flash memory card, with the help of a personal digital key. The smart card-based component uses advanced information encryption algorithms in order to protect a user’s personal information. There is no need to install software to identify the component as it is installed automatically. In order to use the card a personal identification number (PIN) must be entered.