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SecurID is an advanced access control system from RSA Security, and is the top and most popular Strong Authentication system in Israel and the world for verifying user identity.

Identification is based on the principle of two authentication components – something that you have (authentication component) and something that you know (password), and thus provides a more reliable authentication level than using username and password authentication alone.

RSA SecurID solution is the only one that changes the authentication password every 60 seconds, is backed by 20 years of experience and outstanding performance.
Using this RSA solution, it is possible to allow positive and correct user identification in an organization for a wide range of applications in critical systems and others through:

VPN and wireless networks.
 Internet – extranet.
 Microsoft desktop.
 Other network resources.

This technology is based on synchronizing platform clocks and transparent to the user, which avoids the need for expensive continual management within an organization. Most users worldwide, who perform safe remote authentication, hold the SecurID authentication component. De facto, this solution has become standard and has been defined by many experts as the leading solution from all technological aspects.
Since the system is an independent platform and more flexible to assimilate, strong user authentication can be performed before many systems in the market by a component that replaces the weak authentication mechanisms (like: username and password) with SecurID.
Among these systems are:
Various RAS servers, IBM MF AS/400, CheckPoint NPN-1, Oracle, Novell, VMS, UNIX, Web servers and more.

Microsoft has decided to cooperate with RSA in providing protected access in Windows operating system through SecurID. The cooperation derives from the desire to replace the authentication mechanism existing today, which is using a permanent password and considered to be an unprotected mechanism. The strong authentication mechanism allows Windows users to protect the information in their workstation and the organizational network by providing access only after strong and safe authentication through SecurID.

As part of RSA’s innovation, a number of solutions (authenticator software) have been developed recently, which allow using strong authentication opposite organizational authentication systems, from a range of devices and services, such as:

 Smart Phones.
 Windows Desktop.
 Token RSA SecurID Toolbar.
 RSA SecurID On-demand Authenticator – a unique solution that allows receiving authentication passwords on request by email or SMS.