Biometric authentication is a process of identifying a user’s unique characteristics as a means of authentication in a network. Fingerprint authentication is one of the most popular biometric authentication methods because its procedure is easy to use, assimilate and manage.

Comda specializes in a wide variety of solutions and tailoring customer requirements to different biometric fingerprint products in many diverse organizations, which also includes assimilating solutions according to customer requirements. The solutions are developed by engineers from Comda’s network of experts while using API from biometric solution manufacturers.In this way, it is possible to match the biometric access control solutions with the customer’s needs, including suiting the user interface for Hebrew, adding authentication and management procedures, and more. The flexibility in assimilating the solutions and the ability to supply a tailor-made solution for the customer characterize Comda’s activities throughout the years among the numerous customers and projects.

Biometric authentication can also be applied for regular access to an organization’s infrastructure instead of using a username and password, like for example domain authentication as it is defined here:


Comda represents a choice of leading international enterprises. For more details about some of their biometric authentication solutions, click on the pictures below: