ComSignTrust Desktop

Digital Signing systems

With two versions, basic and professional, ComSignTrust Desktop is an automated digital signature software solution that can be installed directly on your desktop, or on a central enterprise server such as MS-2008 or Linux server. When adding an authorized electronic signature, ComSignTrust Desktop operates in conjunction with either a smart card or e-token. The smart card or e-token contains your digital signature and as such only you or someone you designate can produce digitally signed documents.

ComSignTrust Desktop Basic Edition

When you want a basic digital signing solution for individual computers that eliminates the manual signing process, ComSignTrust Desktop Basic Edition is your answer. Working with a variety of document formats – PDF, MS-office, HTML, XML, TIF, Open office, XPS and more – you’ll be able to sign and email an unlimited number of signed documents or files.
 Ability to add handwritten signature
 Provides time stamping and signature verification for added control

ComSignTrust Desktop Professional Edition

For small and medium sized businesses, ComSignTrust Desktop Professional Edition is an ideal solution to reduce costs associated with many of the administrative tasks that are time and resource consuming. You’ll be able to sign and email your invoices and any other documents with several clicks.

Compatible with a variety of document formats – PDF, MS-office, HTML, XML, TIF, Open Office, XPS and more – your business will reap the substantial benefits of automation and going paperless. Containing all the functionality of the Basic Edition, Professional also:
 Includes bulk signing feature
 Creates email account profiles for bulk-emails
 Features full folder signing