Encryption Systems

Protecting a company’s assets in today’s advanced digital world has become a great challenge for all organizational data protection experts and technology managers. In order to meet the challenge and protect the information, data users must be allowed perform their work as routinely as possible.

Challenges to an organization’s ongoing safety are found in every user action, from access to their PC and the data stored there, both while they are in or outside the office, and access to resources found in central servers to access to decentralized servers, based on designated communication lines.
Based on extensive experience, Comda offers a wide variety of solutions in the data encryption and communication field which will protect the work routine.

As the exclusive representatives in Israel of the world’s leading manufacturers in the data protection and encryption field, Comda enjoys a relative advantage in background, experience and existing projects in Israel.

As part of its range of solutions, Comda offers SafeNet protection solutions, which provide a solution for each and every one of the challenges mentioned.


 Line encryption – though Ethernet, Sonet, Frame, ATM, and Link encryptors, SafeNet offers the only complete encryption package in the world of high speed WAN line encryption in all network technologies, performance ranges and network structure requirements.
 Encrypting laptops, servers and hard drives – secret data burglary by hackers and employees (intentionally) is becoming more common and threatens sensitive information, team member information, state secrets, and intellectual property. In response to the threat, privacy laws together with organizational actions have become popular in recent years. ProtectDrive is the most efficient and convenient solution to manage encryption.
 File encryption – ProtectFile allows protecting files and libraries which contain sensitive information and is stored on servers, workstations, laptops and mobile drives. This product allows access to information only by suitably authorized people who have been defined in advance.