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The family of network security products provides the quickest and easiest way to integrate full network protection by a FIPS authorized product to protect critical information for organizations and public institutions. The proven reliability and high work capacity without affecting performance make the SafeNet network security products the ideal solution to protect information and information flow, including picture and voice flow.

SafeNet has developed the widest range of encryptors in the world. The encryption solutions allow choosing between Physical (Layer 1), Data Link (Layer 2) and Network (Layer 3) encryption, and in this way assimilating a fast, efficient communication protection solution, which does not require changing the existing network structure or affect its performance.
The encryptor is programmed to partially integrate with all network technology. SafeNet encryptors are the only ones offering a Security Management Center – SMC, a SNMP network-based management platform, which allows unique and easy encryption management, and control in expanded network and protocol circles.

The series of encryptors are described as follows:

Ethernet Encryptors

This family of products provides high-performance Layer 2 protection, which can protect 10Mbp, 100Mbps and GBE Ethernet networks.


Main characteristics:

 Performance – Full-Duplex operation at line speed with no packet loss, key change without affecting performance.
 Network – Ethernet II’ IEEE 802.3, VLAN, MPLS.
 Encryption – AES 256bit.

Sonet Encryptor

The Sonet encryptor is programmed to integrate easily and transparently in Sonet/SDH network architecture. The encryptor can be managed or controlled remotely by a SafeNet Security Management CenterTM, which utilizes SMNPv3, the first secure version of SNMP.


Additional Encryptors

In addition, SafeNet produces additional encryptors:

 SafeEnterprise Conversion Encryptor) SCE).
The only encryptor programmed to cope with the challenge of secure bridging between networks.

 SafeEnterpriseTM Link Encryptor
Protects sensitive information that is broadcast via high-speed, point-to-point or dial-up communications, at speeds of up to 52Mbps.

 SafeEnterprise ATM Encryptor
Allows maintaining information privacy and provides access control of connections between unprotected public networks and protected ATM networks.