Network Protection

Due to the continual presence of internet worms, viruses, phishing and other network and computers threat, protecting networks is frequently defined as the number one concern among business owners, also those who operate simple networks.

With our help, you can neutralize most of the threats and avoid fear of your organization being penetrated.
Comda is the exclusive representative of a number of solution suppliers in the network control field. The solutions included in this field are:

 Firewall and UTM solutions – SonicWall is the leading data protection product company for all types of networks. Comda is their exclusive representative in Israel. Link to their website (link).
 SSL-VPN solution – the well-known SonicWall SSL-VPN solution, which is based on the Aventail, is suitable for organizations of all sizes, easy to assimilate and manage, and without restriction on the number of concurrent user tunnels in remote access.
 Email protection – Firewall MCtreme Mail from BorderWare is a designated component to solve many problems in an organization connected to email. MCtreme provides the ideal solution to perform the following: safe remote user access to reading messages, complete protection against viruses, worms and spam, as well as protection against various attempts to attack organizational email systems from within and from outside.
 Filtering and protection server – Websense is a comprehensive protection system for organizational networks to prevent the risks which exist today as a result of user activities. The system includes various layers in order to provide complete protection, from blocking access to hostile data sources, through filtering and controlling network traffic, to total control over user station applications and communication abilities.