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Today, most small and medium businesses are connected to and offer services via the internet. Permanent connection to the internet offers availability and high-speed surfing at low cost. However, at the same time, it opens an organization’s internal network and available resources in the network to external attacks (hackers) via their websites or critical applications within the organization. These organizations are not built to cope with expensive ongoing computer network maintenance, from the human resources, time and money aspects.

SonicWall is the number one company in the information safety product field for small and medium business networks (SMB). Comda is SonicWall’s exclusive representative in Israel.
The company’s range of products, which can be installed and managed simply, provides a solution to your different requirements.
The top products for various organizations are in four chief fields: UTM VPN FW; SSL VPN; Backup & Recovery’ and Mail Security. Their details are as follows:

VPN, UTM, FireWall

PRO and TZ series

The TZ series is the ideal security platform for small clients and remote branches. The products allow, among others:

 High-performance Deep Packet Inspection – can be tailored.
 Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware and Intrusion Prevention.
 Supports G3 analog modem in computer cards (T190 model).
 Return to quick and automatic activity after crashing.
 Secure 802.11b/g wireless communication.
 Port level security.
 Convenient and intuitive management system and compatibility.


The PRO series is designed for medium organizations and allows, among others:

 Firewall which performs Deep Packet Inspection.
 IPsec VPN.
 Layered Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware, Sntrusion Prevention and Internet Content Filtering.
 Innovative SonicWALL Clean VPNTM technology.
 Complete application control.
 High availability and load balancing.
 Supports VoIP technology fully.
 Onboard Quality of Service (QoS).
 All these characteristics in one east to manage and assimilate appliance.

Network Security Appliance series

This innovative series overcomes existing limitation in security systems by scanning the entire packet for threats in real time. The appliance is built on a multi-core processing platform, enabling thorough scanning without affecting critical network and application performance. Among the characteristics which this series offers:

 Intrusion Prevention.
 Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware.
 Application level control via SonicWALL Application Firewall.
 FireWall which performs Deep Packet Inspection.
 High availability and load balancing.
 Onboard Quality of Service (QoS).


SonicWALL® Aventail®

The SonicWall SSL VPN solution is suitable for organizations of all sizes, easy to assimilate and manage, without restriction on the number of concurrent user tunnels in remote access. Among its characteristics are the following:

 Complete compatibility behind every FireWall.
 Clientless connection.
 Unrestricted number of concurrent user tunnels.
 NetExtender technology.
 Detailed rule control and compatibility.
 SonicWall Virtual Assist
 Portal can be tailored according to client.
 Increased layered security in a SonicWall environment.
 Two factor authentication without a token.


Email Security
SonicWALL® Software & Email Security Appliance

 The best spam identification.
 Anti-virus which supports Time-Zero technology and Zombie detection.
 Anti-phishing with patent-pending detection technology.
 Global real-time threat detection and prevention network.
 Effective policy management.
 Organizational rules and regulations support – routing rules, record ID matching, mailbox approval, and more.
 Supports backup, documentation, encryption, and more.


Backup and Recovery Products
SonicWALL® CDP Appliance series

An expense on information security technologies is estimated at 6.7 billion dollars in 2010, an increase of 30% since 2005.

According to statistics:

 Over 30% of IT work is connected to backup.
 20% of the backup recordings are not intact after backup.
 40% of the certified IT managers cannot reconstruct their backup recordings.

The CDP – Continuous Data Protection solution allows automatic real-time information backup of servers, computers and laptops.

Cooperation between SonicWall and McAfee has given rise to an additional benefit for you! All SonicWall products come with anti-virus software, which is updated daily so that you can enjoy stronger protection in your organization.