SSL VPN solutions

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Aventail is the leading company in the market for SSL VPN solutions and the authority on the entire subject of client less access.
Their products are low cost compared to the efficiency they provide to end-users and infrastructure staff in that they allow access to all the applications in an organization from any place or system.
Clients like IBM Global Services, Spring, and MCI rely on Aventail technological solutions. Gartner has declared the company a pioneer and leader in the SSL VPN field.
By definition, SSL VPN solutions have become the remote access solution for numerous organizations. This solution offers access from any place without limitation, a solution which has proved to be the safest, and easy to assimilate and maintain. Already now, the SSL VPN solution is starting to replace the traditional VPN IPsec for remote access and extranet environments. This is because the SSL protocol examined in e-commerce environments, which require a sounder encryption system, is a much more flexible and stable protocol than the IPsec protocol.

The SSL VPN solutions integrate SSL protocol ability with Proxy technological ability, together resulting in a central platform which provides an access solution.

Key points in the SSL VPN technology:

SSL encryption protocol integrated with Proxy technology provides an access solution for an organization’s website and resources.
It creates safe and encrypted authentication between the web browser and the internet server. This technology is closer to the applicative level than the IPsec technology; something that allows must higher compatibility. Easy assimilation, maintenance and end-customer support. The advantage of the Aventail SSL VPN solution, both from the business and the Aventail technology aspects, is that it’s the leader in the market in the SSL VPN field.
Aventail offers a wide range of clientless access options providing end users protected access to a variety of systems, such as PDA devices and PCs. The SSL VPN solution is extremely stable with a number of security options and central management. In addition, the Aventail end points integrate with existing equipment from most of the market’s leading information protection suppliers.The flexible the end point solution, the support and the professionalism makes all versions of this product the leader in remote access.