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The BorderWare MXtreme Mail Firewall is a designated component to solve numerous problems connected to email in an organization. MXtreme provides the ideal response to perform: Safe remote user access to read messages, total protection against viruses, worms and spam, as well as protection against different internal and external attempts to attack organizational mail systems.

Most of the email protection systems existing today contain components to prevent viruses. However, these components do not succeed in preventing new dangers, like Directory Harvest Attacks (DHA), Denial of Service (DoS), phishing and more. MXtreme prevents over 98% of undesirable messages through information analysis integrated from different data. Among them: Sender reliability level, message content, sending server behavior, etc. MXtreme contains the most advanced tools to prevent viruses and spam, and technologies to prevent attacks. In addition, MXtreme prevents phishing by integrating DomainKeys with Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for sender verification.
MXtreme is the protection component with strongest ability existing today to prevent threats, such as DHA and DoS. These threats are not directed at the user station, but rather to steal information about addresses or overwhelming the mail services.

The problem of spam is worsening daily. Only a few years ago, spam was an insignificant nuisance with a relative part of around 10 percent of the messages. Unfortunately, today most messages sent on the internet today are spam, and reports even exist from commercial enterprises in the USA that the spam share is over 85%.

MXtreme spam protection is unique and provides the most complete solution given today to organizations against this problem. MXtreme receives information about spam messages from about 800 BorderWare systems around the globe. Blocking attacks and undesirable messages is performed at the network endpoint by integrating the policy with the ®F5 BIG-IP and ®Cisco IOS components.

Spam revelation is performed in five different ways:

 STA – Statistical Token Analysis.
 DCC – Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse.
 Specific Access Patterns.
 RBL Lists of known SPAM Sources.
 Content Filtering.

Complete mail service protection by MXtreme Mail Firewall:

The MXtreme contains a designated operating system, which prevents any ability to attach the component, including total protection from stack buffer overflow attacks. The component serves as a designated Firewall in order to protect mail servers, and is installed behind the organizational Firewall, parallel to it or in DMZ. There is of course no need to change or replace the Firewall or the mail server. Managing the component is via a simple and convenient Web interface.


MXtreme Mail Firewall advantages:

 The best solution today to for filtering spam.
 Email message reliability examination.
 Content filtering for internal and external mail messages.
 Examining and filtering viruses by two different engines.
 Encryption ability.
 Allows user access via the internet.
 A Plug n Play component in rigid box.
 Real-time software updating and message sending.
 Peripheral protection against viruses – faster examination performance.
 Receiving real-time updates via two antivirus engines.
 Filtering according to suffixes / MIME code testing / content filtering according to the organization’s unique definitions.
 User access via a Web portal.
 Option for strong safety component application to authenticate remote access users.
 Integration with Active Directory by a Radius server.

There are three MXtreme Mail Firewall configurations according to the organization’s requirements:

MXtreme MX-200 for small organizations and remote branches. It supports up to 200 users and traffic of thousands of messages per day. 2x Fast Ethernet. MXtreme MX-400 for medium organizations. It supports up to 1,500 users and traffic of thousands of messages per day. RAID 1, 2x Fast Ethernet, 1x Gigabit. MXtreme MX-800 for large organizations. It supports over 1,500 users and hundreds of thousands of messages traffic per day. . RAID 0+1, redundant power supplies, 2x Fast Ethernet, 2x Gigabit.