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BSafe is an innovative development tool system from RSA Security, the leaders in developing all encryption, authentication and digital certificate requirements in Israel and worldwide. The BSafe development libraries have been assimilated in thousand of software products worldwide, among them the Checkpoint VPN-1, and more.
In encryption performed in communications networks, from the internet to cellular networks, there is the need to share encrypted information without distributing or managing secret keys. Key reliability must be maintained in order to be sure that the information received has not been changed by a foreign entity. In addition, it is most important to adhere to accepted standards, like SSL, IPSEC, IEE 802.11, DOCSIS and CDPD.

It doesn’t matter what the exact need is, RSA BSAFE Crypto-C is the SDK that is suitable for every application or protected service. RSA BSAFE Crypto-C is the most up-to-date tool for developers to apply all of the PK advantages in Java, which include source code for demonstration applications and simple modules for security.
RSA BSAFE S/MIME-C simplifies application of S/MIME, the global standard accepted worldwide for email information protection by encryption and digital signatures.
RSA BSAFE SSL-C provides all the tools required to build applications which support SSL. RSA BSAFE SSL-J to build Java applications which support SSL.
RSA BSAFE Cert-C/J offers all the operations required to create digital certificates in X.509 v3 standard, which are the basis of the PKI infrastructure. The product includes the ability to process digital certificates, secure information storage, certificate holder verification, digital signature and authorization verification, and information encryption application.
RSA Micro Edition Libraries development libraries include SSL-C ME, Cert-C ME, Crypto-C ME, for security application in the smallest components which have limited memory and code capacity ability. It supports a range of platforms, such as VxWorks, Palm, Windows CE, and more.
RSA SecuXML-C development libraries include all the tools required by developers in C, which allow building XML Digital Signatures in Web Service environments.