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ILM 2007 is a solution which leans on MIIS 2003 user management and encryption abilities, and adds innovative strong authentication management policy, like smart cards with a new approach that integrates together user database management, digital certificates and passwords in a Windows environment and other organizational systems.

ILM 2007’s chief characteristics are:
 Identity synchronization – the ILM can synchronize user accounts and their different attributes in all systems, including password synchronization.
 User synchronization – the ILM can synchronize new user details immediately upon creation, automatically and in real-time in different systems simultaneously.
 Certificate management – the ILM includes built-in rule-based procedures and solutions, which allow organizations to manage the lifespan of their digital certificates and smart cards.

These attributes and many others allows efficient, more economical and integrative management of digital certificate infrastructures, smart cards and digital authentication in organizations. In this way, higher efficiency is achieved in the different procedures, whether creating new users, handling existing user support or changing security policy.