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Card Management Systems (CMS) based on decentralized multi-layered architecture, which provides services to any desktop through Web browser technologies. The information is stored on SQL Server databases while encrypting sensitive details.

The CMS system structure is in N-Tier form based on client functionality as well as Web, application and database servers, which suit Microsoft standard platform.

CMS supports different server installation options dependent on network, security and business continuity requirements. A single concept server can be upgraded to a multi-server environment with three layers and full redundancy.

RSA CMS utilizes web-based client applications (which operate in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and over) in order to approach local devices (card readers, cameras, printers, biometric readers, signature readers, etc.) and transfer the information via HTTP (or SSL) to the CMS Web server, which operates on Microsoft IIS.

From the process aspect, it is a two-directional process where the Web server contacts the application server, which handles writing the information to the database (Microsoft SQL or Oracle). The application server element also communicates with a number of external systems. Ready interfaces allows safe information transfer to and from systems, like LDAPS, Certificate Authorities, HSMs, Physical Access Systems, Database Systems and many other systems.

In this way, CMS can transfer user details at high-speed, in real time and from one central place to all its components and manage the lifespan of the cards via the existing organizational infrastructure.