RSA Digital Certificate Solutions

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RSA has created a family of modular products to manage digital certificates, complete organizational access control based in PKI and smart cards, and connected to the user’s business activities.

RSA Certificate Manager

The Certificate Manager system allows the internal Certificate Authority to issue, validate, cancel and manage digital certificates. The system is built to allow safe and simple work and includes Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP), which allows easy digital certificate issuing for VPN components and end-users. The system includes a database for storing digital certificates and their validity. In addition, it allows establishing an unlimited number of sub-CAs.

RSA Registration Manager

The Registration Manager software works parallel to the CA system in order to simplify the procedure of registering and issuing large quantities of users. The software allows checking user authorizations at the time of registration, and distributing remote or local registration stations.

RSA Recovery Key Manager

Organizations which apply PKI solutions need a solution to decipher that was encrypted by lost or unused keys. The KRM component is an optional one which allows backup of the encrypted key in the system. The KRM integrates encryption and safe access in order to recover authentic keys according to certain controllable regulations.

RSA Root Signing Service

The Root Signing Service software allows applying safe user authentication in a server via digital certificates. Safe authentication is received by a combination of PKI abilities in the server and examining user certificate validation. With the help of this tool, it is possible to allow limited access of certain users to classified data on the server.

RSA Validation Solution

The Validation Solution component allows performing electronic business transactions while using digital signatures in accordance with The Digital Signature Law. The e-Sign allows users to sign and encrypt any Web document simply through the network.