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Today, networks in all organizations are composed of numerous different components which are responsible for various aspects of organizational network management and security.
These components or the various applications operate independently so that active users, whether end-user or IT person, must be authenticated directly by the same component that they are supposed to work with. Usually, users perform authentication through the main domain and afterwards they can perform a service or authentication by another component within the domain. When a large number of services and applications require authentication, users will be required to identify themselves numerous times using different usernames and passwords for each application.

The Single Sign-On (SSO) solution allows using a single authentication with one username and one password, and in this way achieving the following objectives:

 Significant reduction in the time required to authenticate users for each application.
 Improvement in the organizational safety level since users are not required to save and use many different usernames and passwords.
 Better user management ability by the organization’s IT staff since all changes in user details are performed at one central point.

Thus, user authentication details are used for identification in many applications and services available to the same user, as defined in the organization’s management system.
Evidian offers the market a range of interesting features, such as:

 Account transferring, an elegant way to solve the old problem of users sharing their accounts.
 SSO desk policy, which limits the SSO characteristics in a computer or group of computers (SSO is accessible to sensitive back office application which limits the computers’ defined group).
 Resetting passwords and personal identification numbers (PINs), which allows employees to manage and reset Windows passwords and/or their smart card PIN.
 Supports strong authentication mechanisms, like smart cards, biometrics.