RSA enVision

SOC/SIM is two concepts which refer to the new challenges which data protection managers in organizations face today.

 SOC – Security Operation Center
 SIM – Security Information Management

With the help of these two systems, it is possible at any given time to identify an organization’s data protection situation and the threats it has to contend with, and grade the severity of the problem. The SIM is part of the SOC (data protection center) and it assists in managing and monitoring the handling of information safety events.The force of these systems is hidden in their ability to correlate information that comes from different systems. With the help of correlation, it is possible to identify the connection between various events reported at different times and from different places, and convert a collection of random events into a significant commercial incident for an organization.
The SOC is composed of four aspects: Technological, physical, human and regulation (through these regulations we characterize the center’s work procedures by defining response to scenarios identified in the SIM system, meaning that the regulations define inquiry procedures and the escalation which must be performed in accordance with the scenario’s contents).
Ultimately, the SOC/SIM constitutes the central essence of an organization’s information protection management and control.

The need to act quickly to solve a security problem and contend with compliance and regulation demands is increasing as long as the communications networks in large organizations increases and more information is gathered.
Therefore, as part of the response to SOC/SIM challenges, EMC’s security division RSA has developed a revolutionary platform – enVision. This product allows intensive analysis of raw data from different reports in order to understand the security situation, compliance or the operative status in real time or in a defined time-frame.
The RSA enVision solution has been proven as one which provides the most impressive analyzing, gathering and management abilities of every snippet of information from all components with an IP address in any computer environment size without filtering and the need to deploy agents.